Dynasol Ecosolvent , is an ecosolvent ink designed for Epson printer heads , compatible with most printers of the market with Epson printer heads settled for ecosolvent . It permits us achieve amazing results in terms of quality of impression and resistance to scratching and so for light , all this on a very competitive price. 

Dynasol Ecosolvent pigment inks are designed for high durability outdoors.

  • Up to two years outdoors without lamination.
  • High scratch resistance.
  • Fast drying, great adhesion to the substrate, no odors.
  • Respectful with the environment

Available colours

We have a wide range of colors and configurations, depending on the printing machine.

Thanks to the number of colors and the intensity of them we get a large volume of color that gives us intense and vibrant work as never seen.

Before use it is recommended to read the safety data sheet of this product.

  • Operating temperature: 16 - 35 ° C
  • Relative humidity: 40 - 70%

Store away from sources of light and heat between 7 - 30 ° C

To obtain the best results, it is recommended that the environmental values in the location of the printer are recommended. The variation of these can influence the quality of the final work.