Very high opacity and great intensity ink.

Ink made of covering, achieving great intensity and very clean tones over every surface as a result.

High pigmentary concentration and excellent behaviour on machines. Vivid and brilliant rapid impressions.


Solvent system: Water
Resistance to rubbing: Good
Waterproof: Adequate
Colors: Intense and bright
Inkwell stability: Good
pH: 8,5-9,0
Specific weight: According to color:1,20-1,50 gr/cm3
Viscosity (Din53211): 25-35 seg.


Drying: Fast
Wet rub resistance: Good
Light fastness: According to colors from good to very good
Brightness: Good
Chemical nature of the pigment: With the exception of titanium dioxide, all the pigments used in our inks are organic in nature.
Chemical nature: Anionic, nonionic
Solid content: According to colors:40 - 65% en peso
Ice / thaw stability: Unstable