Low migration flexographic overprint varnish, UV curing. For extremely bright finishes on any type of printing, on any type of wooden surface.

It is formulated with polymeric components that prevent any migration through the formed film, consequently it avoids the transference between substrates of any type of printing ink creating a perfect barrier that prevents any migration.


Viscosity: 100 - 110 Seg. DIN4 mn, a 20 ºC
Specific weight:  1,12 gr/cm3
% Volatiles: 0 %
Flammability degree: Greater than 100 ºC

Our product meets the following standards:

  • EU Nº 10/2011.
  • Swiss Ordinance Annex 10.
  • UNE-EN 646.
  • Regulation CE 1907/2006 de 18 from December.
  • European Standard UNE-EN-71-3:2013.
  • Royal Decree117/2003 of January 31.
  • Eupia Compliant.
  • Nestle Compliant.
  • US Registration (TSCA).