Excellent printability and gloss ink on stuccoed papepels.
Ink developed for all types of coated papers maintaining excellent adhesion, high brightness and great intensity of color.


High pigmentary concentration and excellent behaviour on machines . Vivid and brilliant rapid impressions.


Solvent system: Water
Resistance to rubbing: Great resistance
Waterproof: Good
Colors: Intense and bright
Inkwell stability: Very good
pH: 8,5-9,0
Specific weight: According to color:1,20-1,50 gr/cm3
Viscosity (Din53211): 25-35 seg.

Drying: Fast
Wet rub resistance: good
Light fastness: According to colors from good to very good
Brightness: Excellent
Chemical nature: Anionic, nonionic
Solid content: According to colors:40 - 65% en peso
Chemical nature of the pigment: With the exception of titanium dioxide, all the pigments used in our inks are organic in nature.
Ice / thaw stability: Unstable